Benefits of Exercise Physiology for Athletes

Benefits of Exercise Physiology for Athletes

Exercise Physiologists are university trained allied health professionals specialising in the prescription of exercise. Exercise physiologists have extensive knowledge of human anatomy, mechanics of the body and biochemistry within the body.

Athletes and dancers often think if they just do more of their sport they will improve but this is not always the case. This can lead to overtraining and overuse injuries. Cross training can actually be very beneficial to improve performance whilst minimising risk of injury.

A study on female athletes (basketball, soccer and volleyball) found that following a 6-week exercise program consisting of plyometrics, core strength, balance, strength and agility exercises resulted in increased leg power and improved leg alignment in jumps. This highlights the importance of having a comprehensive exercise program for both improving performance and reducing risk of injury.

Exercise Physiologists are able to assess your strength, aerobic capacity, flexibility and balance and identify areas of weakness or imbalance. They are then able to develop an exercise program designed specifically to target these weaknesses as well as working towards your sporting or dance related goals. By addressing imbalances or weaknesses in your body it can lead to more efficient body movements which will improve your sporting performance and reduce risk of injury.

If you are recovering from an injury, Exercise Physiologists can prescribe exercises which are safe for you to perform. This means you can maintain sport-related fitness without exacerbating your injury, which is particularly important if you have to have time off from your sport to allow for recovery from your injury. As you recover, an exercise physiologist can also guide you on a safe return to sport.

Whether you want to improve your stride length in running, improve the power of your throw, increase the height of your developpe or learn how you can return to sport safely after an injury, an exercise physiologist can develop an exercise program which can help you to achieve your goal.

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