What is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of specific exercises combined with focused breathing patterns, designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. Pilates has proven itself not only as a fitness endeavour but also as an important component to professional sports training and physical rehabilitation.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates at PEAK

Pilates at Peak Performance Physiotherapy offers a unique approach to training with strength and conditioning programs designed for the individual promoting efficient movement patterns, safety and progression. You will be working on the latest Balanced Body equipment specialising in alignment, flexibility, spinal articulation and joint mobility through the use of spring resistance. This full body workout will build strength, co-ordination and endurance suitable for the beginner to the advanced client.

What Classes are offered at PEAK?


One on one intensive equipment pilates, incorporating a postural evaluation in the first session to customise specific exercises to each individual’s needs.


A fun and cost effective way to train with your partner or friend whilst still maintaining the benefits of a one on one.

Equipment Class

Small group equipment classes with a maximum of 4 people. Working across all our equipment in a group atmosphere with each person following an individualised program.

Mat Classes – Beginners & Intermediate

Intimate group mat classes combining the fundamentals of pilates including the use of small apparatus and one’s own body weight.

External Group Pilates Strength & Conditioning Classes

A personalised pilates classes is designed for your students/friends/family/studio which can be run as a one-off class or 10-12 week program to aid in improving overall body strength and control. If you are interested in finding out more about having our pilates instructor come to your studio/clinic/home please contact the clinic for more information.

Pilates at PEAK for Dancers

An individual assessment is undertaken first to determine areas that need improvement to prevent injury and optimise performance. Our Pilates instructor's create specialised programs for each dancer through combining their own experience as a dancer with their injury and pilates knowledge.

Each individualized dance specific program will contain elements of the following:

How Can I Book?

All classes can be booked through the “Book Online” link below or by calling the Clinic on 02 8544 1397 Please note, prior to commencement of your first class each participant must undergo an initial pilates assessment.