Pole Dance and Aerialist Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for Pole Dance and Aerial Apparatus

Physiotherapy for Pole Dancers and Aerialists (lyra, silks, hammock) is a specialised area of physiotherapy and requires extensive understanding of the skill requirements, mechanics and complexity of the different apparatuses by each physiotherapist in order to accurately assess, diagnose and rehabilitate.

Peak Performance Physiotherapy can assist pole dancers and aerialists with the following:

  • Pole and aerial related injury diagnosis and treatment
  • Pole and aerial assessments:
    To provide an overview of the athlete’s capabilities, areas of weakness and/or technical errors in order to prevent injury
    Provide individualised strength and conditioning programs to optimise muscular capacity, flexibility and optimise performance

How Can I Book?

Book your Physiotherapy for Pole Dance and Aerial Apparatus Consultation using the “Book Online” link below or calling the Clinic on 02 8544 1397