Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology: What is it?

Exercise Physiology is an allied health discipline that specialises in lifestyle behaviour change programs. The aim of Exercise Physiology is to optimise the management of long-term health conditions. Accredited Exercise Physiologists help patients reclaim their quality of life and optimise their performance.

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists are experienced in musculoskeletal, cardio-metabolic, and neurological conditions. They take a holistic approach to managing your health when utilising exercise-based treatment of medical conditions and injuries.

Exercise Physiologists at Peak Performance Physiotherapy can assist with the following:

Athletic Performance Optimisation

Sport Science

Musculoskeletal Health Conditions

Metabolic Health Conditions

Cardiopulmonary Health Conditions

Neurological Health Conditions

Other Health Conditions

Other Services

Exercise Physiology At PEAK

Our Exercise Physiologists will conduct a detailed assessment to ensure all your needs are considered in the development of your specialised treatment program.

They will work with you to formulate a plan based on the latest scientific research.

They will base your program around exercise and provide lifestyle strategies for you to achieve your goals. The exercises will be prescribed to address your specific needs. Education and advice will underpin the program.

Your Exercise Physiologist will continue to work with you to progress your treatment plan safely and effectively. As you progress, they will look to instil confidence in you and progress you towards self-management as appropriate. They want to enable you to take control of your health and improve your quality of life.

Feel free to check in with our Exercise Physiologists to help keep you on track and update your programs. They are always looking to bring value to you and help you optimise your health.

How Can I Book?

Book your Exercise Physiology appointment through the 'book online' link below or by calling the clinic on 02 8544 1397