Sports Physiotherapy

Each of our physiotherapist’s work in elite sporting environments, ranging from AFL and Rugby League to professional level dancing and gymnastics programs. We are each expert’s in sports medicine and strive to maintain on top of sports medicine practices

The PEAK team are trained in injury prevention and rehabilitation whilst ensuring an athletes return to sport is successful. We liaise with sports coachers, dance teachers and other medical professionals to ensure an optimal return to sport.
We pride ourselves on empowering our athletes individually and with compassion.

Run Rehabilitation Programs

1. Have you ever wanted to improve your speed?
2. Have you ever wanted to improve your agility?
3. Do you struggle with your posture when running?

If you have answered “YES” to any of these questions then our specialised physiotherapist run rehabilitation program is just for you.

The PEAK run rehabilitation program is divided into two 5 week blocks (Block A & B) focused on developing strength, power, speed, agility and body awareness. Individualised corrective exercises are also provided and updated accordingly to maximise performance on-and-off the field.

Block A focuses on:

Block B focuses on:

Each session is 50 minutes in duration with either options of 1 on 1, or small groups of up to 4. An initial pre-screening consultation is required prior to commencement to identify areas of weakness and to formulate individual goals.

Call the clinic today to book your place in our run rehabilitation programs.

How Can I Book?

Book your Sports Physiotherapy Consultation by using the “Book Online” link below or by calling the Clinic on 02 8544 1397